[olug] Virtual Domains on Apache

Adam Korab adam at ledhazard.net
Tue Jun 12 21:05:58 UTC 2001

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 03:48:47PM -0700, Mike Peterson wrote:
> I only get to the base home area and not the virtual home area using the internet IP address however.
> It would be similar to setting up something like http://olug.bstc.net.
> I am using name based not ip based virtual domains.

First, after adding the <VirtualHost> sections, did you restart httpd?
Second, in httpd.conf you should see:

# If you want to use name-based virtual hosts you need to define at
# least one IP address (and port number) for them.

Make sure you uncomment these and replace it with your valid IP address (most
certainly the one your ISP is pointing at)

Third, if that should fail, what have you got between <VirtualHost> and

I also recommend picking up a copy of the Horse Book, the O'Reilly title
_Apache: The Definitive Guide_ (second edition) by Ben Laurie and Peter
Laurie.  It's really quite an invaluable reference.

"A workstation without a network is like a geek in a field all by himself.
It looks intriguing, unusual and different but no one will come within 20
feet of it." -- Sun help document

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