[olug] Thoughts on last meeting and future meetings

Mike Peterson mpeterson at charles.coxatwork.com
Fri Jun 8 16:10:43 UTC 2001

I think the meeting on Tuesday was a success.
 It was not a largely attended as the last one in May, but there was good

I go along with the people that suggested that the directions at least in
written form
should be mentioned with each meeting posted to the main site.

 I just wonder if there is any interest at all in having one meeting date on
 Tuesday and the other on Wednesday or Friday other than Thursday.
 If not, I will be unable to attend between the middle of August and the
 middle of May.
 I teach both nights during those monthes.

 I would suggest an email or paper survey to see what people are interested
 in and  who is researching those topics for work, home, or other and would
they do a
 talk on  the topic.

 I felt that the talk this last Tuesday while Brian was out was informative.
I had worked with Samba before but it has been over 2 years and it was from
Unix to 95 and  not Linux to 98.

 I would like to hear what Brian can add about Samba 2.2 at a future meeting
 if possible.

 Just my two cents or so.

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