[olug] Questions: GRUB, Debian, and Win 98 SE

Jason Ferguson jferguson3 at home.com
Sat Jan 20 15:52:02 UTC 2001

Okay, I finally decided that its time to upgrade the old celery 400. So,
here's what I want to do (software-wise, hardware is another story):

1.  This system will dual-boot Debian and Win98 SE.
2.  I want to use a 2.2.18 kernel (or 2.2.19 pre/ac series)
3.  I want my main Debian partitions to be ReiserFS
4.  I want a graphical or menu-based boot loader rather than LILO's text

Now, I may be adding a bit too much complexity with number 3... I do
have a web link for installing Debian with Reiser (much better than what
I did before, I'll be taking down that old article Real Soon Now and
updating it), but the dual boot might make it a tad complex.

Question time: Does GRUB provide that graphical boot loader? One of the
things I like about Win NT is the menu-based boot loader. I need Win 98
for games and for Office (I'll evaluate Open Office when available, but
Im strange enough to LIKE MS Office, bloated as it is).

If GRUB can do that, is is possible to install Debian with GRUB rather
than LILO?

(I'm betting Phil knows the answer to this one...)


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