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Mark Martin mmartin at amath.washington.edu
Tue Jan 2 14:24:49 UTC 2001

I am moving to Chicago and there are several things that will not fit in
our new apartment that I thought someone on the list might be interested
in.  Items free for the taking:

1. Gateway 486DX computer that I upgraded to a 133MHz Quick Chip
   (See below.)
2. Old linux distributions on CD: Some are not so old (Red Hat 6.x,
   Mandrake 7.0 and 7.1) and some come with manuals.
3. Red Hat Motif 2.0 with manuals
4. Old copy of Accelerated X
5. Running Linux, 2nd ed.
6. Linux Network Administrator's Guide

The one stipulation is that, if you want any of these items, you will
have to pick them up at our apartment (48th and Dodge).  If you'd like
to have any of these items, please email me directly
(mmartin at amath.washington.edu) to set up a time to meet since I haven't
been on the OLUG list for several months.

I have an old Gateway 486DX that I upgraded to a 133MHz quick chip that
I would be happy to donate to an individual or to an organization that
can give it a good home.  It's packed in the original boxes and is
easily transported.

Here are the specs for the machine, as far as I can remember them:

133MHz Quick Chip processor (which I believe is actually a Cyrix 586)
200MB IDE hard drive
14" color monitor
standard keyboard
standard 2-button mouse
combination 5.25" and 3.5" floppy drive
standard ports: 2 serial, 1 parallel
ISA expansion slots (I don't remember how many)

The OS on the machine is currently MS Windows 3.1 (and I even have a
complete set of Windows 3.1 disks and a DOS manual to donate with it). 
However, I have booted floppy-based Linux distributions on it before. 
The obvious deficiencies are that it lacks a CDROM drive and a modem or
NIC.  But CDROM drives, modems, and NICs are inexpensive and trivial to
install.  My intention was to use the machine as part of a Beowulf
cluster to help with some of my mathematical work but I never found the
time to use it.

If you want this machine, please let me know what you'd like to use it
for.  If several people are interested, the machine will go to the
person that I judge to have the best use for it.

Mark A. Martin					Dept of Applied Mathematics
http://www.amath.washington.edu/~mmartin	University of Washington

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