[olug] Data Transfer Replacement

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Wed Dec 19 00:19:11 UTC 2001

sounds pretty much like you can duplicate the entire process with some good
'ol shell scripting and rz/sz over the dialups, and ftp for places you can
implement tcp/ip as the transport.

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Has anyone else in the group worked with Mlink/ACM?

Does anyone else in the have a replacement for it on Linux?

What we do is dial via modem into remote locations and send data into
selected directories and receive data  from selected directories. Once the
data is received we remotely delete it. This is down via a scheduling
procedure inside of ACM 2 times per morning and can be demand scheduled by
an operator. The Mlink package works over serial and TCP/IP connections. The
ACM is a management package that sits ontop of Mlink and does the scheduling
of tries and retries for each remote location. It logs the outcome also.

We are using SCO and looking to convert to Linux possibly Redhat. As of yet
the maker of Mlink and ACM Computer Associates does not have a Linux port.

Any ideas to add to our current mix of ideas would be appreciated.


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