[olug] mod_auth_db on redhat

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Thu Dec 13 06:39:37 UTC 2001

Got it working.

The problem did lie in the incompatible databases. The solution was to 
recompile both apache (specifically the mod_auth_db modules) and DB_File 
against the same Berkeley DB (in this case 3). But wait, you cry, you 
already did that. Ah, so true. However, I made one small mistake:

After I recompiled apache, I did a 'make install' to put it in 
/usr/local/apache. Then I mistakenly used 

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl restart

to restart the server. I realize now that this does not pull the old 
binary out of memory and read the new binary from disk into memory (which 
is what I wanted), it merely sends a SIGHUP to the already running (old) 
binary. So instead I did a 

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl stop
/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start

and all is well.

And I'm going to bed.

Adam Haeder
Technical Coordinator, AIM Institute
adamh at omaha.org
(402) 345-5025 x115

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Adam Haeder wrote:

> OK, I forced the uninstall of db1 and db2, so now rpm -qa | grep ^db 
> shows:
> db3-3.2.9-4
> db3-utils-3.2.9-4
> db3-devel-3.2.9-4
> So now I figure I need to recompile apache so mod_auth_db uses Berkeley DB 
> 3.x for sure. So I rerun configure and make and it fails because it can't 
> find ndbm.h. Aha, this is required by mod_auth_dbm and was in the db1 rpm. 
> No worries, I don't need mod_auth_dbm anyway. Remove it from configure and 
> run make. I notice that the line "-I/usr/include/db1" no longer shows up 
> in the apache make process. I make install, recreate the db auth file, and 
> restart apache. Still no luck, same error.
> The problem has to be in the format that dbmmanage is writing and the 
> format mod_auth_db is trying to read. I wish the "file" command would tell 
> me the format of the database! I don't know how to make these tools more 
> verbose to tell me what's going on.


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