[olug] Cisco study group in Omaha

Neal Rauhauser isptech at americanrelay.com
Sat Dec 15 05:07:51 UTC 2001

  I'm back on the trail of my Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
and I have a friend who is about to finish his security specialization
and then he is going to start on his Cisco Certified Network
Professional. Between the two of us we have quite a few routers and a
couple of switches.

  Within the next few weeks American Relay is going to finish
construction on a small NOC in downtown Omaha. This will free up my
office in the ground floor of the Farnam Executive Suites from machine
room duty and there is a conference room available as well. It should do
a nice job of holding a few bodies and a rack full of routers.

  We've talked about doing a study group one evening a week. The focus
at first will be the BSCN/BSCI routing exams - RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF,
IS-IS, and BGP will be the primary topics. 

 I'm not sure what will happen once we put those topics to bed - I'll be
working QoS, multicast,  and advanced BGP issues, and I think Dan will
be going on to the switching (BCMSN) or remote access (BCRAN) exams. 

   I can only think of one reader of the olug list that is ready to
follow my path but there may be many that are on the CCNP track. I guess
we'll have to see how it plays out.

  If you're interested in this email me at
mailto:nealr at americanrelay.com

Neal Rauhauser CCNP, CCDP			phone: 402-391-3930
http://AmericanRelay.com			fax  : 402-951-6390
mailto:nealr at americanrelay.com			fcc  : k0bsd


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