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Jon Larsen jlarsen at cas-online.com
Mon Aug 27 21:44:18 UTC 2001

I have a site hosted through Binary.net - and I can agree with Bill, 
they've been very good.  I called them last week on trying to get DSL 
installed in my apartment here in Omaha.  Here was the response:

>### Original problem description:
> > Do you provide ADSL service to Alltel residential customers located in
> > Omaha?
>### Note #2 08/22/2001 17:16:25 Author: betty
>Alltel will only allow that if you get a business line.

Also, the Central Office (Fort Street loc) that I'm serviced from does not 
support DSL on the Alltel circuits.  I'm not sure about US Qwest, but I 
can't get that (Apt management contract with Alltel).

If there is an interruption of Cox at home, I might be looking for an ISP that 
will support a dial up PPP.  (Novia no longer supports Dial-Up modems for 
New Customers, otherwise I'd go back with them)

Of course, with recent news of bridging networks using Linksys Wireless 
routers, who knows. :)

I'd be with Novia, if my past two apartments I've lived in supported a DSL 

At 16:24 08/27/2001 Monday -0500, you wrote:

>Just wanted to let you guys know.  Up until cable became cheaper than DSL I
>was a DSL customer of Binary.net.  I got 5 static IP's from them for no
>extra charge ($60/month all told), and they have very good up-time.  They
>recently opened their own data-center with all the neato-cool gadgets for
>24/7 uptime (like generators that can run for a week and such).   On a
>personal side they are pretty easy to deal with.  My payments once got
>misrouted for about 4 months and they took my word for it that I had sent
>them and never shut me off.  I'm not sure about their availability in Omaha

Jon Larsen
Network Admin, CAS, inc.


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