[olug] What distro next?

Mike Peterson mpeterson at charles.coxatwork.com
Mon Aug 20 18:29:44 UTC 2001

Take a look at e-smith.org.
You do need to apply some patches as listed on their web site.
It uses maildirs and horde/imp.
It has a complete browser based configuration and backup interface.
It is based on Redhat 7.0.
It uses qmail instead of sendmail or postfix.

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> I just set up a Linux based server for a small area company.  It hosts
> web site (built with Apache/PHP/MySQL/OpenSSL) and their email
> (Sendmail/WU-Imap/SquirrelMail).  Most of it went pretty smoothly,
> especially the web stuff using RH 7.1 but when I got to the email, I had a
> heck of a time.  Outside of RH's sendmail.cf now including a default
> to only, by default, to not being able to get Cyrus-imap to
> install properly.  Cyrus switched at version 2 from TCL to perl and there
> are problems with the default locations of perl on RH. I don't have enough
> perl experience to work around the problem so I ended up going with
> Luckily this is a small company with only a few users so the mbox format
> mail won't/shouldn't be a problem for them.
> Anyway, I realized I was having to work around how RH has things setup to
> run these server apps.
> So, I believe, it's time for me to start expanding my horizons.  I've had
> experience with RH 5.2,7.0,7.1 and a couple Mandrake versions.  Server
> installations are my current interest.  If I'm interested in
> trying/experimenting with Samba, OpenLDAP, Mail servers (maildir based
> systems as opposed to mbox) what distro would make the most sense for me
> try next.
> I'm not trying to start a Distro War, I am looking for advice from people
> who have supported Linux based servers in corporate environments.  I don't
> have an personal preference it just seems as though the maintainers for
> different server based software have problems with the way RH sets up its
> file system and where it places things.  So I'm wondering if
> to another distro might make my left easier in this respect.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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