[olug] Sendmail is making a fool of me.... help

J Randall Wilson jrwilson at qwest.net
Sat Aug 18 03:46:25 UTC 2001

Is the firewall getting in the road?  I don't enough about ipchains to be
able to decipher your rules.  If it was me, I'd drop the firewall temporaily
just to see.  Otherwise it's in sendmail and the solution will require study.
I've setup sendmail twice.  The second time because of stupid.  Your solution
will be different than mine because, I assume, you have a static IP and a
Domain Name which I don't.  I really don't want to break into the 1000+ page
tome known as the Bat book if the problem lies elsewhere.


On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Jeff Hinrichs wrote:

> No joy,
> telnet'ing to 25 gets me a "connection refused" error.
> My problem appears to be getting sendmail to bind to port 25 for the
> external IP address.  right now it is only listening on port 25 for
> -Jeff
> p.s.  I can send mail to the outside world but it's ignoring anyone from
> sending in...
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> From: "J Randall Wilson" <jrwilson at qwest.net>
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> Subject: Re: [olug] Sendmail is making a fool of me.... help
> > Jeff
> > Can you telnet to port 25 at www.xxxx.com and it's IP address from
> outside.
> > Just a check to make sure that you really can get in from the great
> > ethereal cloud.  If you can get in (which I'm sure you can), then the
> > problem will be in sendmail.cf or sendmail.cw.  If you have the sendmail
> > source you'll be able to build your own cf file from a macro file with a
> > README in /path-to-sendmail/sendmail.x.x/cf and small boilerplate macros
> > in /path.../sendmail.x.x/cf/cf.  There is a lot of info at
> www.sendmail.org
> > You also might try /path.../sendmail -d0.11 just to see who sendmail
> > thinks it is.
> >
> > Randy

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