[olug] Computer

Phil Brutsche phil at giedi.obix.com
Wed Aug 15 00:32:35 UTC 2001

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> I would encourage you to build your own.

Definitely.  Unless you're a wimp *and* want the "technical support" that
a company like Dell or Gateway offers.

> It isn't hard to do and there is plenty of info on the web that will
> lead you through it.  Look for parts online.


> You can get some good deals.

You betcha - I just got 3/4 gig of Crucial PC100 RAM off eBay for $55 USD
:)  3 x 256MB sticks - I've got 3 PII systems here that have PC66 & PC100
memory busses...


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