[olug] Debian?

Jon thechunk at thechunk.dhs.org
Sat Aug 11 14:15:46 UTC 2001

One more note the best instructions I have found have been on loki's site.

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 10:43:51AM -0400, Hungate Jim wrote:
> I've actually seen 3D running in Linux. You're missing out.
> I found out that in Mandrake 8.0 w/ XFree86 4.0.3 that The driver for the
> Voodoo4/5 cards has been (incorrectly) statically linked against the Voodoo3
> libraries. So I (attempted) upgrading to XFree86 4.1.0 from Mandrakes
> "cooker" distro. Anyway, I ended downloading and installing about 20
> different packages to try and make sure I had all the libraries I was going
> to need and it didn't seem to work. So I tried running XFree86 3.3.6 (I'm
> sure it was really a mixture of the messed up packages I had loaded) and for
> some strange reason, 3D worked! I finally got see things like TuxRacer,
> Chromium, GLtron, etc in all their glory. I even loaded some Loki demos
> (Heavy Gear II, Heretic II, & Soldier of Fortune). It was great, everything
> ran beautiful with great frame rates, and I thought "Finally, I can get rid
> of Windows, I don't need to keep it around for gaming!". Then the next day,
> my son was playing, and when something messed up, he shut the computer off.
> Of course when I booted the computer back up, it was finding errors, and
> fscking and all that fun stuff, and my 3D was history. I've tried repeating
> my steps of before with no luck. So I figure the best thing to is load a
> distro that actually contains 4.1.0
> I've tasted 3D gaming in Linux and I'm hooked!
> Jim Hungate 
> The box said "Requires Windows95 or better", so I installed Linux 
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> Until Woody is released, Progeny is the way to go since the packages are a
> lot newer, and actually work (I installed my work machine off of
> testing--yikes). I wiped Potato off my home machine a while ago and all I
> did afterward was change the /etc/apt/sources.list to point to Debian's
> offical servers (you're better off doing this because Progeny takes even
> longer than Debian to include packages into their APT servers). Now my box
> is pretty much indistinguishable from any stable or testing install. Progeny
> is nice this way because you can easily install regular Debian packages and
> it won't break things. The only real difference between Progeny and Potato
> I've found is the install, everything else is pretty much the same. The main
> advantage of Progeny is the graphical installer, although the graphical APT
> tool they include totally blows. Woody will include a graphical installer,
> which is probably why they're taking so long to release it.
> As for 3D, it doesn't matter what distro you use--it's gonna suck. Doubly so
> considering you have a card made by a company that no longer exists. You may
> have better luck than I, though, since I spent three years trying to get my
> damn Voodoo3 working and to this date have never seen 3d run under Linux on
> my box. Now that I have a GeForce2, maybe it's time to try again. Best of
> luck to you there.
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> From: Hungate Jim <Hungate_Jim at prc.com>
> Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 12:37:30 -0400 
> To: "'olug at bstc.net'" <olug at bstc.net>
> Subject: [olug] Debian?
> >   OK, I've tried several distributions over the years. Redhat, Suse,
> > Slackware, Mandrake, Storm, etc. Anyway, I've kind of settled in to the
> > Mandrake thing. They made it easier for my wife to switch. Anyway, on my
> > machine, I'm thinking the time has come to move to Debian.
> >  Is anyone here running Debian with a Voodoo4/5 video card? Would I need
> to
> > update to Xfree86 4.1.0 to get the 3D portion to work? Would I be better
> of
> > going with Progeny? What are the advantages or drawbcaks of Progeny? Any
> > suggestions?
> >   Thanks,
> > 
> > Jim Hungate 
> > 
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