[olug] RH 7.1 and FTP

LP linuxposse at home.com
Mon Aug 6 18:17:01 UTC 2001

         I'm experiencing a serious delay when trying to open a FTP 
connection from my WinBlows desktop to my RH 7.1 box.  The delay for the 
login/password prompt is taking about 30 seconds.  Of course these are 
connected via Linksys Router. ( I know, I know, if I had some extra money, 
I'd buy a real router.)  My concern is, it use to be instantaneous.  That 
is, the login/password prompt occurred in a snap of the fingers.  My telnet 
session opens that fast, it's just the FTP.  I don't have a firewall 
enabled on the RH box.
I've been wrestling with this for about three weeks and I'm opening the 
floor for discussion.



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