[olug] Infotec Seminar

Jason Ferguson jferguson3 at home.com
Fri Apr 13 01:26:39 UTC 2001

As Adam has pointed out recently, OLUG will have a booth at the Infotec
(http://www.infotec.org) conference April 24-25.

Two Issues. 
First: I want to know the schedule of people who will be working the
booth.  I have to teach those days, so I will be unable to be one of
them.  What Id like is two people per day at the booth. If you have
already volunteered, volunteer again so I can schedule you. (Adam, I
need to know again what day you'll be there). We'll need to arrange to
have badges available so booth people can get in for free.

Second: does anyone have a semi-decent system they can donate
temporarily as a demo machine? Id like to be running some pretty
software for people to see.  If necessary, I can try to throw together a
celeron 400 I have, but Im missing some parts Id need.

Please respond, I need to get this going.


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