[olug] pppd is pissing me off

Jeremy Bettis jeremyb at hksys.com
Thu Apr 5 21:32:59 UTC 2001

I don't have an answer for you, but I hate pppd also.  I installed RedHat
7.0 on my machine with an external Hayes modem, and have pppd set to demand
mode.  But what I see it that about 1/2 of the time when it's time to dial
wvdial will send the atdt1234567 command and the modem will immediately
respond NO CARRIER, just like it does if you send another character after
the atdt command.  wvdial will just try again, for hours and hours if I
don't do a ifdown ppp0 or shut the modem off.  It's real annoying.

At times like this, I wish I was back in the days before Linux 2.0 when I
was using diald......
Jeremy Bettis -- Software Development Manager
Hickman-Kenyon Systems, Inc.
jeremyb at hksys.com
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> Well, since I was still running a k6/2 400 I decided it was time to
> I replaced my mainboard with an asus a7v and an Athlon 900. Unfortunately,
> the a7v does not have an isa bus, and my modem just happens to be isa. So,
> also bought a hardware-controlled pci modem from us robotics that
> specifically claims linux compatibility. It only works with kenerel 2.4
> up, though, so I then had to upgrade my kernel before it would work. I
> finally got a working 2.4.3 install last night. Now, when I dial into my
> (using wvdial) it handshakes, connects, and then starts pppd--which
> fails (error code 1). I tried upgrading pppd with no luck and I know that
> compiled ppp support into the kernel. Can anybody tell me what could cause
> problem like this?

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