[olug] help with qmail?

puzzled at home.com puzzled at home.com
Thu Nov 16 23:21:41 UTC 2000

         I am wrestling with qmail and could really use a nudge in the
right direction.

        I've discovered /var/qmail/control and I can send/receive but I
am having a lot of trouble with what the control files do and making it
all fit with DNS.

       I own pensat.com, pensat.net, 6network.com, and 6network.net. I
need to make this box answer for all of 6network.* and pensat.net. I
believe I've got DNS done up correctly and I've changed
/var/qmail/control/defaulthost to 6network.com but its still spitting
out blackbox.pensat.com as the source of any email. I've edited &
restarted DNS and that is fine ... I suspect its still using the
hostname from /etc/rc.conf but I ought to be able to control this via
some setting which is escaping me.

    I've RTFM'd until I am cross eyed and I'm a few minutes shortly of
actually groveling since I need this running for some other stuff I am

     Anyone? Hello?

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