[OLUG] Hung Process - Getting ugly

Tim tim at russell.dhs.org
Sun Feb 27 06:21:32 UTC 2000

Funny you should ask that... running 2.2.13 kernel - or was, until about
an hour ago.  Updated to 2.2.14 and tried really hard to break it, but
nothing broke.  So I'm happy.

Okay.  Now when do we get to play with 2.4?

Later folks, and thanks for pointing that out dude.

Tim Russell #2 :)

On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, Daniel Pfile wrote:

> what 2.2.x kernel are you using? It looks like there was alot of people
> having this same problem on the kernel lists, but it seemed to taper off
> around 2.2.8... not that that means anything. the problem appears to be
> related to some sort of bug in disk access. there were some test programs
> posted along with some patches for older 2.2 kernels. in one post linus
> said he would not include the patches but that was for 2.2.2 i think.
> check out www.google.com/linux with some keywords about your problem, d
> state, hung, stuck, proceses, 2.2, etc maybe you can get a better vibe
> than me seeing as you know c and all.
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