[OLUG] Re: A Place to Meet in March and On

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Sat Feb 26 14:56:10 UTC 2000

Vincent wrote:

> College of Saint Mary is showing their greedy nature now.  OLUG is no
> longer allowed to use CSM's facilities.  At least not unless OLUG comes
> up with enough money to rent them, which is very unlikely.

That's too bad. We had a good thing going at CSM and many thanks to you
Vincent for facilitating that. That was great for OLUG.

I spoke with Pat Frodyma from 1Staff at 108th and Maple. They just
moved into their office space a few days ago. They have a classroom
that will soon have computers and a connection to the Internet.
Two good points is we can meet their for free and 1Staff is not
only sympathetic to the cause but will be teaching Linux exclusively.

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