[OLUG] connection failures

Dave Burchell burchell at inetnebr.com
Mon Feb 14 06:11:22 UTC 2000

Nathan Brown says:
> Mike:
> I have read parts of these but cannot get anymore out of them or at least enough to
> solve this problem.  I helped a friend set his system up the same way mine is set
> up and it works ...  If i could get enough out of the documentation to get this to
> work i would not be trying to get help.
> Something is screwie here and I cannot find it ... maybe it's me but reading is not
> getting it.

Nate, are you still struggling to get PPP to work reliably?  What a
nightmare!  If you want to bring your machine to Lincoln sometime I'd
be happy to work on it with you.  I'd like to try installing Debian on
a partition from scratch and using my ISP (both of which I know work).

However, I'm inclined to think you could have bad hardware of some
sort.  Remember how at the meeting at CSM we connected and loaded part
of a Web site?  Then a moment later it was still connected but we could
not get anything else to load?  I had a similar problem once; I traced
it to hardware.  I'd like you to try a different modem.  Do you have
access to a modem that someone else has gotten to work well with
Linux?  If you want to visit Lincoln we can try mine; it's been solid
for me for over a year.

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