[olug] nss and pam ldap (fixed!)

Daniel Pfile pfiled at marietta.edu
Tue Aug 22 04:44:13 UTC 2000

Well, after learning the inside/outside/backside/etc of nss, pam, ldap,
reading pam source code, etc. I've found the solution.


did everybody see that? nscd is the name service cache deamon. it caches
requests by the system to things like nis/ldap so it's not insanely
slow. The problem is, when you change nsswitch.conf to use ldap/nis, nscd
doesn't know that and happily continues to use the old system.

Once again, a really simple, but cryptic, non obvious fix. I'm going to
submit a bug report to the debian nscd maintainer about this. Nowhere
anywhere in anything was it mentioned nscd needs to be restarted to see
changes in nsswitch.conf, althought I should have realized it much much

So I guess I can officially declare myself well versed in pam/nss now. :/

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