[olug] linux defection

Aaron Grothe grothe at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 13 20:34:29 UTC 2000


>From the security aspect.  My company is basing most of our work around Rock Linux
http://www.rocklinux.org  In some ways it reminds me of OpenBSD.  No services are
turned on by default.  It also uses the most recent versions of packages from the
package maintainers so it is usually more up to date than the mainstream vendors.
Note: One of the articles about Rock is titled "Rock Linux not for woozies"  It is
a very sysadmin friendly version of linux but would be a horrible choice for the
average user.


m0ntar3 wrote:

>         Currently reading "Linux System Security" (previous post), and finding
> that most of the "tips" about security are, by default, provided by
> OpenBSD (and thensome). The OBSD web site states the philosophy  "if you
> want to use it, you should know how to turn it on."
>         OBSD is a very good introductory system for setup and configuration of
> a UNIX platform from a security perspective, imo.
>         "OLUG---Omaha Lovers of Unix Group"---I like that.

One problem with the Omaha Lovers of Unix Group is that Linux is not Unix.  For
that matter neither is OpenBSD, NetBSD or FreeBSD.  It could be the Omaha Lovers
of Posix Based Systems Group OLPBSG - pronunciation of which is left as an
exercise to the reader..


"The Journey is the Reward" -- Old Zen Buddhist Saying

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