[olug] linux defection

m0ntar3 m0ntar3 at home.com
Sun Aug 13 03:38:17 UTC 2000

	I installed OpenBSD after struggling with RH6.2 on a hardward issue. I
had two NIC's of the same manufacturer/model, and RH6.2 worked for a
while, then stopped working for a longer while.. Now I use RH on an
internal computer and OpenBSD for fw/nat. I had trouble configuring
Apache/mod_ssl/PHP4 on OpenBSD, and no trouble on RH6.2. Portforwarding
on OBSD is easier then on RH. I seem to have a place for both OS's.
RH6.2 at TCP/IP layers 5 and 4, OBSD at layes 3, 2, 1.

	Found multiple NIC setup on OpenBSD(2.7 btw) is actually very intuitive
(for me), and the install process is: Make One Boot disk, Boot, Minor
Configuration, Grab Ports-Tree, Done.

	Currently reading "Linux System Security" (previous post), and finding
that most of the "tips" about security are, by default, provided by
OpenBSD (and thensome). The OBSD web site states the philosophy  "if you
want to use it, you should know how to turn it on." 

	OBSD is a very good introductory system for setup and configuration of
a UNIX platform from a security perspective, imo.

	"OLUG---Omaha Lovers of Unix Group"---I like that.

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