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forwarded message from bone-head phil that sends email that bounces....

:-) ( J/K Phil, dont get too worked up.. )

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Are Chris and I the only ones who have defected to BSD derivatives?

Yep.  For the most part Linux works every bit as well (in some ways
better, in some ways worse).

> I am still running linux for desktop but for a big guns ISP its just
> not getting the job done - I need things like cflow and RATools to
> work on our BGP setup and they just won't run under linux no matter
> how much coaxing I do.

I'm not familiar with those tools.

Beyond that I see no overriding reason to dump something that works for
you.  Especially if you have a SMP machine.

This just means FreeBSD works better for your needs than it does mine.

> We've found the FreeBSD/OpenBSD ipv6 support to be *excellent* -
> everything on FBSD 4.0 seems to already support ipv6 ... the only
> thing on RedHat that is easy for ipv6 is getting support in kernel ...
> its a bug hunt after that to get the packages you need.

Blame RedHat for that one - RedHat isn't ready for IPv6.  Debian is much
farther along btw...

I shouldn't need to tell you Linux != RedHat...

On the subject of OpenBSD: I'm not impressed.  It's possible to go too far
about being anal about security (imo one of the few reasons to actually
*use* OpenBSD).  Oh and the install procedure sucks...

> I don't think there is enough activity in Omaha to justify a separate
> *BSD users group ... I'd like to propose that OLUG expand its charter
> to cover any *nix ... I know we already have a Solaris contingent so
> there is a precedent.

IIRC that was already covered before (right about when the Lincoln and
Omaha groups "merged") and there was very little interest (outside of
Oliver Banta).

Never too late to start, though.

> So, lets see the rest of you *BSD users come out of the closet :-)

<me poking head out to test the air...>

Anyone else having trouble doing a buildworld on 4.1-STABLE, btw?  It
keeps dieing on perl for me...

Phil Brutsche					pbrutsch at creighton.edu

"There are two things that are infinite; Human stupidity and the
universe. And I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

Brian Roberson
brian at bstc.net

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