[olug] Getting LILO back

Jay Woods woodsjay at home.com
Mon Aug 7 01:36:14 UTC 2000

I was unable to follow up on your message because the site you gave had no clue as to how to
use Windows to build the floppy. ---Jay

Daniel Pfile wrote:

> Did you get my email about grub? I'm not kidding, it's really easy
> compared to lilo, and better.
> Here's how to do it
> 1: Create a grub boot floppy according to the manual from within windows
> 2: Figure out what disk and partition linux is on, ide and scsi are not
> distinguised, it goes by what the bios sees, i'll use the second disk,
> first partition for the example (1,0). Then figure out which device
> LINUX thinks the root / partition is on, i'll use /dev/sda1 for my example.
> 3: Figure out where your kernel is, i'll use /vmlinuz for an example,
> you may have one in /boot/vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.17, and so on, grub
> supports command line completion, so just start typing at the grub
> prompt and hit tab to fill in the names of files.
> 4: Stick the floppy in, reboot computer
> 5: At grub> prompt, type: 'grub> kernel hd(1,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1'
> 6: add any other kernel options you want (in addition to root=/dev/sda1)
> by putting a space and the option for example: 'grub> hd(1,0)/vmlinuz
> root=/dev/sda1 mem=256M single'
> 7: hit enter
> 8: if it finds the kernel, it will respond with a message saying so.
> 9: type 'grub> boot'
> 10: watch linux boot
> check out the grub manual, web page, faq for more information on how to
> put grub on your hard disk it's self, make a cool looken menu, make it
> load 98, nt, w2k, fbsd, etc, etc, etc.
> - Daniel
> Jay Woods wrote:
> >
> > I want to thank everybody for their help. Unfortunately nothing is working out. I have
> > been able to boot up with tomsrtbt - 1.7.101 and my stuff is still there. However:
> >
> >     I haven't been able to boot up from the CD-ROM (for example, Linux Mandrake v7.02).
> >     I can boot up on the emergency boot disk with the command at LILO of linux
> > root=/dev/hdb6 BUT it always tries to boot to hda6 which isn't there.
> >     I have been able to set up a new lilo.conf file that has hdb6 instead of hda6 BUT
> > when I run lilo at the root command line, it refuses to write to the MBR saying
> > something about it isn't marked for it.
> >
> > I'm ready to pay for somebody to come and fix it. ---Jay
> >
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