[OLUG] Computer Sale & Next Meeting Info

mrmyster mrmyster at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 14 22:52:37 UTC 2000

--- "Paul T. McNally" <nally at radiks.net> wrote:
> Dave Burchell wrote:
> > 
> > My fellow Lincolnites might want to stop in and
> see if you can find any
> > cheap Linux machines.  I'm thinking of one of the
> Power Computing Mac
> > clones.  How well do they run Linux?
> > 
> > Pohl, do you see any good Mac deals on the list at
> the Wesleyan site?
> > I'd like to dual boot Mac OS/Linux so the kids
> could run some simple
> > Mac apps (educational stuff for example).  I don't
> want to spend a lot of
> > money just to support Elmo's Numbers and Letters.
> The PowerMac 7100's & 7200's would be sufficient.
> The next meeting of OLUG is slotted for 4-30-00 (so
> Eric Penne
> can go). We still need to find a place to meet and
> we need to
> get somebody to install Eric's choice of Linux
> distrib on Eric's
> machine ;-)
> Paul

FWIW i'm running mklinux pre-R1 on my 7100/66 as a
dial in server.  its not much use if you're trying
to do anything X-ish but makes a fine little server.

its pretty much what the mklinux site is run off of

the only real advantage in this case that the 7200 
has is that it uses a PCI bus instead of nubus and 
can run linuxppc (which tends to have newer kernels
available).  its system bus might be a bit quicker


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