[OLUG] Computer Sale & Next Meeting Info

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Fri Apr 14 22:17:04 UTC 2000

mrmyster wrote:
> FWIW i'm running mklinux pre-R1 on my 7100/66 as a
> dial in server.  its not much use if you're trying
> to do anything X-ish but makes a fine little server.
> its pretty much what the mklinux site is run off of
> the only real advantage in this case that the 7200
> has is that it uses a PCI bus instead of nubus and
> can run linuxppc (which tends to have newer kernels
> available).  its system bus might be a bit quicker
> too.
That's right 7200's are pci. In my opinion pci and
linuxppc are well worth getting over nubus and
mklinux. Just my own experience. MkLinux is a
microkernel. You first boot into the MacOS, then
boot into mklinux. There are enough differences
between the 2 distribs, I prefer LinuxPPC. PCI
is superior to nubus. You can always upgrade a
PCI machine with a faster G3 processor and gain
most of the benefits from the speed increase.

Looks like a G3 400MHz processor runs for @$400.
One could probably get a used one for a fraction
of that (if anybody sees a used G3 or G4 card
let me know and I can upgrade my 9600/200).

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