[OLUG] Caution to @home users

Chris Garrity m0ntar3 at home.com
Sun Apr 9 14:46:30 UTC 2000

	BTW, I got a nastygram from Cox for exactly the same reason: running a
scanner.  It looks like Cox doesn't comply with their own AUP.   I
scanned UNO's network for Sh*ts and Giggles, it's funny the response I
got... UNO's watchdog said "Consider Yourself Caught!" (I got like ten
of these when I scanned 24.*.*.* - 27.*.*.*) to which I responded (to
all) with my home phone number, nobody called.	

	Then Cox sent me an Scarygram, saying "Don't do it again, or we'll kick
you off our network."

	If Cox shutdown every home user from running a server, they'd lose a
humugus amount of business, the only why I see someone getting shutdown
(kicked off) is if they put a _serious_ amount of effort in to
_seriously_ abusing their account.


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