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Charles Bird cbird.omaha at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 05:13:51 EST 2010

Ya, as more people come in, the shared pipe will increase in size with no
extra cost to the colo'd individual.

Right now, the 20Mb is about 850, for about double that amount, one could
get a full 100Mb there.

Its really getting started and breaking even thats a challenge.

Another even cheaper option would be for olug colo to get a cabinet of their
own(around 700 depending on how many sec. badges needed, power, locks, etc)
and can get a network drop from me at cost(42-43 per Mbps), or from
pinpoint, like a t-1, bonded t-1's or ethernet.

If anyone is looking for cheap brandnew low powered servers, I would suggest
a dualcore Atom from supermicro.
Check with newegg, or a good supermicro reseller. You can get a system for
well under 400.

For me to really be able to offer super cheap pricing, I would have to have
like 8-16 cabinets, and a fat 2.99 per Mbps Cogent pipe.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 1:47 PM, Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hmmm
> Dedicated server leasing is cheap and easy to come by.
> $30-$50 a month for 10mbit dedicated on an atom is pretty standard fare.
> askwebhosting.com comes to mind i think.
> Colo places can vary greatly in prices... some are competitive to what's
> mentioned here, some are not...
> The thing that people need to remember here --- although we're starting out
> with limited bandwidth .... is that the colo is local... and has an awesome
> support staff (assuming olug is awesome hehehe).  Being a local colo means
> that ya can easily setup a beefy 1u/2u and install it.  For something
> requiring high horsepower or storage needs but limited connectivity -- this
> is awesome.
> Once the move to 100mbit is complete, then the possibilities having a
> higher bandwidth setup makes it quite a bit more interesting.
> Again -- this is local, less hassle to have to fiddle with the machine if
> needed, etc etc etc etc.
> Cheap dedi's have their purpose (typically for cheap bandwidth), but colo,
> especially local colo, has it's own purpose as well.
> -Will
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