[olug-colo] Cogent Pricing for 11111M

Charles.Bird charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Fri Aug 7 09:36:04 EDT 2009


       In passing conversation with Cogent yesterday i asked about pricing
for bandwidth at 11111M, I told him that Qwest was expensive and that Cox
was already there.

he responded with:


Looks like this is Verizon territory – the loops would be around $1200 for
10 Mb and $2200 for 100 Mb (20 Mb not available). Here’s what the totals
would look like after adding the port costs:

10 Mbps:

$1800 monthly

100 Mbps:

$3100 monthly

Let me know what you think when you get the chance.



*Chris Morgan*

*(o) 310-591-2930*

*(c) 310-913-5786*

 *cmorgan at cogentco.com* <cmorgan at cogentco.com>
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