[olug-colo] Meeting tomorrow evening?

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Thu Apr 9 10:37:19 EDT 2009

Those are way better notes than I took on my iPhone! The only  
additional item was attendance and sub-group committee leads.

On Apr 8, 2009, at 11:48 PM, Dan Clough <dclough at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who could make it to the meeting.  We had a nice
> turnout for the initial planning meeting and it greatly helped to have
> everyone in the same room on the same page.
> As Brian stated he'll have his notes put up soon, but in the meantime
> here's a quick list of what we did:
> 1)  We broke into working groups to divide and conquer the planning
> process.  So far we have a Legal team, a Fundraising team, a
> Budget/Pricing team and a Physical Infrastructure (hardware, location,
> etc) team.  Each team will work on getting everything figured out for
> their department and every two weeks we'll have a little all-hands
> meeting like we did tonight and present what we've found out working
> in our teams.
> 2)  We're still awaiting hard numbers from Pinpoint.  We'll begin the
> process of looking to other providers to see if we can have our needs
> met at a reasonable price point.  So far we've considered CoSentry,
> Cox, Pinpoint and leasing private office space.  If anyone knows of
> any other possible locations, feel free to throw the idea out there.
> We need all the help we can get.
> 3)  There was off and on discussion of bandwidth and the extortionate
> prices we'd end up paying.  We discussed possible providers, and that
> list currently includes Cogent, Cox and Qwest.  Unfortunately what
> really limits our connectivity options is where our actual location
> will be.  Again, if anyone has any suggestions, we'd love to hear
> them.
> In the next hour or so I'll be posting more specific information on
> the forums regarding numbers 2 and 3.  Again, thanks to everyone who
> could make it (including those who tried.  ;)  We'll give better
> directions next time.  Promise.)
> -Dan
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