[olug-colo] Need for better threading!

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Sun Apr 5 18:08:20 EDT 2009

I opened up a few different forums on the website, let's start using  
them to keep the threads of the discussion focussed. I started a post  
under billing with initial rambling, just let me know if more topics  
need to be made.

I suggest we simply use a poll's for voting on open questions and  

Also, we need to think of the working group's and their topics of to- 
do's and formalize at least two lead SME's to head up each group.

My thoughts on these working groups:

-   Racks
-   cooling
-   power
-  network

-   Baseline rates
-   Billing systems
-   Accounting

-  Shared Services (Like backups, VPS/XEN, web hosting, dns, mail etc)
-  coop services (Like X-Grid, MPI, seti @ omahaIX)

- Articles
- Foundations

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