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charles.bird at powerdnn.com charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Sun Apr 5 17:12:29 EDT 2009

Linn the Pinpoint contact is MIA at this time

I have two DL360s(no rails) a Sun D1000 scsi array, with symbios card, and 10 cabinets we need to pickup.

- can get 1850's for free or cheap or 1950 for cheap, was thinking they could be used for open source routing.

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Now that the legal proceedings have been put on hold pending a meeting
with general counsel, we can get the technical details sorted out.

1) I propose we make a centralized list of all the assets that have
been pledged to the project.  That includes servers and networking
equipment for OIX use, racks, and anything else which is deemed
necessary or useful.

2) The VP of Pinpoint would like to give us a tour of the facility and
apparently has space in mind that he thinks will be just what we're
looking for.  Anything new on the Pinpoint front, Charles?
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