[olug] Generic web-based object database?

Adam Haeder adam at adamhaeder.com
Tue Sep 6 13:32:28 CDT 2022

Not really sure what else to call it. I'm wondering if there is any
'standard' open source project for a web based database system that does
all the 'normal' things you'd expect of a data
storage/modification/reporting system:
- Data intake via form
- Admin support for data add/change/delete after intake
- Tracking changes
- Reporting interface

I have personally created systems like this in the past, years ago with
SugarCRM <https://www.sugarcrm.com/> as the data intake/admin piece, and
then MyDBR <https://mydbr.com/> as the reporting piece. There have also
been approx 1 million Microsoft Access systems created to do this, as well
as Ruby on Rails (this was a selling point for Rails waaayyy back in the

I'm thinking something like https://github.com/pellcorp/opendb, but also
with a reporting function.

I'm considering implementing something like this in Google Appscript with a
mysql backend, but wanted to know what others have used.

Why Google Appscript? Free hosting on script.google.com, and then either
paid mysql hosting on Google or free mysql hosting on a number of smaller


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