[olug] Local COLO recommendation

Reiners Cloud Consulting LLC justin at reiners.io
Tue Mar 8 12:08:22 CST 2022

Prepare three envelopes.

Just kidding. Honestly I colod in Bellevue for a while on fort crook. I
haven't used them for a while but they kind of sucked back then but it
looks like they rebranded now.

PPP was pretty cool, we didn't go with them at the time but they had a
pretty nice setup and they were pretty small and allowed you to rent racks

I also co-load it's got data center for a while and had nothing but good
things to say about them but their data center manager has since been fired
for some reason. I really liked working with him he was amazing so I can't
speak for them anymore.

We switch to full cloud years ago so haven't needed co-location facilities

On Tue, Mar 8, 2022, 12:04 PM Jeff Hinrichs <dundeemt at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm looking for a recommendation for a local colo willing to go month to
> month.
> Need power and internet.   We are out of our building in less than 3 weeks
> and have 5 weeks of work to do.  haha   I'm looking to build a plan B and
> colo our equipment while we take the time we need to get the resources
> transitioned to the new facility.
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> Best,
> Jeff Hinrichs
> dundeemt at gmail.com
> 402.320.0821
> 402.218.1473
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