[olug] Online GoLUG presentation tonight, 4/6/2022, 7pm

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Wed Apr 6 00:08:23 CDT 2022

Hi all,

This evening (4/6/2022) at 7pm New York time, Steve Litt gives two
short Jitsi online presentations:

1) 15 minute walkthrough of his keyboard-centric user interface, which
   has been requested on several mailing lists. This UI can be achieved
   on almost any distro with almost any Window Manager or Desktop

2) 45 minute overview of a few Linux “Quickhacks”, which are easy
   little things that make life easier, but are easy to forget.

The remaining 1 hour is devoted to any presentations others might want
to give, as well as general discussion of Linux and FOSS.

When: 7pm New York time on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Starts right at

Where: https://meet.jit.si/golug

Subject: Keyboard centric Linux UI, Quickhacks, and any other Linux/FOSS
         topics that might pop up.

Who is Steve Litt? Steve Litt is founder and Content Lead of
  Troubleshooters.Com, provider of books and courses teaching the
  process and mindset of technical troubleshooting. He's the main
  author of “Samba Unleashed” and ten other books, spent 15 years as a
  professional developer, and 8 years as an electronics technician.

What is GoLUG? Greater Orlando Linux User Group, originally from
  Orlando Florida, now one of the new breed of online international

Who will be there? Folks from Orlando Florida and all over the United
  States, and likely internationally.


Steve Litt 
March 2022 featured book: Making Mental Models: Advanced Edition

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