[olug] IT Manager opening in Lincoln

Ben Hollingsworth obiwan at jedi.com
Mon Nov 22 11:56:18 CST 2021

Hey folks,

My employer, occasionally known as Design Data, SDS2, or Allplan, is 
trying to fill a new position for an IT Manager.  This person would 
oversee our two existing sysadmins, one who does Linux and one who does 
Windows.  While this position is technically a manager, they will be 
expected to be able to get their hands dirty when necessary (probably 
quite a lot).

Our company writes structural engineering software.  Programmers all 
work on Linux, but the software is cross-compiled and sold solely for 
Windows platforms.  All the non-programming staff use Windows day-to-day.

We're currently in the early stages of building our new office building, 
so this position will have a major say in how the new office gets 
outfitted.  Additionally, our parent company (a German holding company 
you've never heard of) is starting to impose more IT security mandates, 
so you'd be working a lot on security initiatives.

Our company has a pretty laid back atmosphere and great benefits. It's a 
good place to work.  Our current office is in south central Lincoln near 
34th & Old Cheney Rd.  The super-cool new building (scheduled to finish 
October 2022) will be on 84th Street between Old Cheney & Pioneers.  If 
you have any other questions, please hit me up.

If you do apply, please give them my name, because I could get a signing 
bonus if you're hired.

Here's the posting:


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