[olug] USB ethernet interface names too long test

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Mon May 24 15:21:33 CDT 2021

root# ip link add dev 1234567890123456 type dummy
Error: argument "1234567890123456" is wrong: "name" too long

root# ip link add dev 123456789012345 type dummy

Our Plugable.com usb3me-hub3me usb-to-ethernet  network adapters are
named  by default as enx${MacAddress}  which  with the NULL ‘\0’  at
the end pushes  it to 16 characters.

  enx${MacAddress}.3 does not work to get to vLan 3 because of the
name is too long.

So will have to use udev rules to rename these devices so that i can
get them on the switch management vLan i  locked myself out  of …. yet

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