[olug] Hardware question!

Craig Wolf wolfout101 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 17:37:41 CDT 2021

Ok hardware geeks, I need input because google and my google-fu is failing

I am ordering a Dell server with a Perc 330 for a very small business to
use. I can get a SAS drive cheaper than a SATA drive and I would prefer
something more "enterprise" on the server.

My question is this: Never worked with SAS drives before and can't get
straight info on the cable I need to attach from the controller to the SAS
Perc Controller connectors: Two x4 internal mini-SAS HD SFF8644
Seagate HD (ST2000NM0045) is 12GB/s SAS connector or SATA

Do I need this:

Thank you to anyone that can make sense of my gibberish...

Craig Wolf

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