[olug] VPN Opinion?

Craig Wolf wolfout101 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:28:13 CST 2021

Morning fellow geekies!

I have a question...I have a small business that is opening a 2nd site in
the Metro area.  I want to setup a VPN tunnel between the sites so that I
only have one server.  It would be nice if I can only push internal traffic
to the home site but web traffic straight out. it's ok if it all has to
traverse back to the central office and then out.

Server, desktops, and TP link are on the upgrade list as part of the

Current setup at main site:
TP-Link Router
Netgear GB 8 port switch
2 Windows 7 desktops
1 Dell/Windows 2012 server

Could I do this with 2 Ubiquiti EdgeRouters?  What do I need to watch out
for?  Will I need to setup something for the IP since they are on Cox
Business cable modems?

Been a long time since I did this...gonna take some work to get myself back
up to speed.  lol!

Thank you in advance!!

Craig Wolf

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