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I had an Orbi and if I am not mistaken Orbi Routers are wifi6. I don’t really like the phone app integration of the Orbi either. I would just stick to cat5 or cat6 keep everything hardwired that you can and set up a dual+ nic hardware firewall with a used pc using pfsense. Try and cordon off your wifi, IoT, and if you set up a vpn with it. Install pfblockerng and run dhcp services and dns resolver. If you are feeling froggy you can even use HAProxy and acme to do ssl over your own private network. There are a myriad of instructional videos on how to do this kind of thing. If you live in a GUI you can easily use this to setup personal home server with something like duckdns and a script in your firewall. A really old machine will work. The cabling would be cheaper. Just get pass through TD and boots. It’s night and day nicer to work with. You will have noticeably less targeted ads and more privacy. Try Nextcloud and self hosted bit warden as well. You can tell most cloud services to pound salt. 

> On Jan 11, 2021, at 12:33, Scott Jensen <fkadriver at gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> I know that this is slightly off topic and I think that this has been
> discussed before here, but I can't seem to find the emails.
> I'm currently building a separate office (technically an 8x10 shed) next to
> my home.  Because of this, I'm redoing all my inhouse network wiring.  I
> also get a chance to upgrade my networking hardware to get it all to a
> single provider.  Since it is technically a home network I'm not looking to
> spend a ton.
> So here is what I already have
>   - Windstream 100MB internet (The fastest that I have access to)
>      - This probably will not change
>   - Netgear Orbi RB40 and 2 RBS20
>      - Currently providing the WiFi
>      - Like the Circle and Bitdefender controls
>   - Various NetGear and TP-Link unmanaged switches only 1 with gig
>   - Xbox One S
>   - 3 TV that are used exclusively for streaming and movies
> Looking to build:
>   - 16-24 port Core switch
>      - Needs VLAN support
>      - Needs SFP (going to run fiber between main and office)
>   - 5-8 Port Edge switch
>      - Will use multiple VLAN trunks from the main switch
>      - PoE would be nice, but not necessary at this time
> Once I settle on a brand, I might upgrade or replace the Orbi with WiFi 6
> mess, but waiting till 6e is completely flushed and cheaper.
> Currently looking at either:
>   - TP-Link (T2600G-18TS and T2500G-10TS)
>   - Netgear (GS324T and GS310TP)
> But 1 am open to other brands.  (Will need to stay under $500 for the Core,
> Edge, Fibre)
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> Scott Jensen
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