[olug] OT: Networking for Home Office

Scott Jensen fkadriver at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 12:30:54 CST 2021


I know that this is slightly off topic and I think that this has been
discussed before here, but I can't seem to find the emails.

I'm currently building a separate office (technically an 8x10 shed) next to
my home.  Because of this, I'm redoing all my inhouse network wiring.  I
also get a chance to upgrade my networking hardware to get it all to a
single provider.  Since it is technically a home network I'm not looking to
spend a ton.

So here is what I already have

   - Windstream 100MB internet (The fastest that I have access to)
      - This probably will not change
   - Netgear Orbi RB40 and 2 RBS20
      - Currently providing the WiFi
      - Like the Circle and Bitdefender controls
   - Various NetGear and TP-Link unmanaged switches only 1 with gig
   - Xbox One S
   - 3 TV that are used exclusively for streaming and movies

Looking to build:

   - 16-24 port Core switch
      - Needs VLAN support
      - Needs SFP (going to run fiber between main and office)
   - 5-8 Port Edge switch
      - Will use multiple VLAN trunks from the main switch
      - PoE would be nice, but not necessary at this time

Once I settle on a brand, I might upgrade or replace the Orbi with WiFi 6
mess, but waiting till 6e is completely flushed and cheaper.

Currently looking at either:

   - TP-Link (T2600G-18TS and T2500G-10TS)
   - Netgear (GS324T and GS310TP)

But 1 am open to other brands.  (Will need to stay under $500 for the Core,
Edge, Fibre)

Scott Jensen

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