[olug] Speaker Needed for March Meeting

Matthew G. Marsh olug4mgm at paktronix.com
Thu Feb 18 14:53:27 CST 2021

No probs - I have had issues before with Gmail from my mail servers so 
figured I would check in.

PakSecured does not have any package management as it really is designed 
to be a dark room server (IE: headless/remotely/etc) for security 
systems. But I also run it as my desktop as you can compile Xorg etc on 
it. The reason I tell people that I will be coming from that perspective 
is that I have absolutely no clue if I am asked "what do I install for 
that" as the questioner typically needs to know "apt-gut slurp
{cool-n-fancy-thingeie} " as a response... Groove?

Insofar as the talk:

One idea - WireGuard & StrongSwan (IPSec) commandline and scripting
    Including how to lock down both using IPtables (not nftables yet)
    And setup virtual services on the server accessible only over the VPN

Another - Qemu+KVM from the command line NetWorking tips and tricks
    Mostly info/usage of {IP.Mac}v{lan,tap} and the pros/cons
    I use this extensively BUT I do not use containers at all

Can do both / mix / just blather incoherently...

Original text:
"I could discuss the advanced networking and security tricks for running 
multiple qemu-kvm guests on a single network interface from the command 
line. Pure command line, no libvirt etal. Also have extensive information 
on securing and routing "integrated" WireGuard and StrongSwan
VPNs - again also pure command line. Of course pure command line also 
includes bash scripts"

Yes I would like a "test" link as I need to see how it works with my 
desktop. I have FireFox running - Chrome blows up - lynx works great... 
And since I do not have or run any package management I cannot install 
anything that does not have source code...

Ah - heh - assume all I need is to use Jitsi-Meet in Firefox? OK - 
definitely would like a test link to see how to prep the presentation as 
if I can somehow show the command outputs from the shell it makes a lot 
more sense...



On Thu, 18 Feb 2021, Dave Thacker wrote:

>  Hi Matt,
> I'm sorry I missed your first email.   You did get it through to my gmail
> account but I missed it in a bunch of other mail.    I think your topic
> would be great for our March meeting.    How is PakSecured different than
> any regular distro's repository?
> Our meeting platform is called jitsi.   It's an open source conference and
> is easy to use.   I can work with Jon to get a test link up, so you can try
> it out before the meeting.    Also, please give me a title for the
> presentation that I can put on the website and the twitter.    Thanks for
> volunteering and let me know if you have any questions.
> Dave
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 11:51 AM Matthew G. Marsh <olug4mgm at paktronix.com>
> wrote:
>> Dave,
>> My email server indicated I may have had a problem with delivery directly
>> to your gmail address (no surprise there). Did you get my response to this
>> request?
>> Let me know as I did not want to clutter up the primary mailling list with
>> suppositions...
>> mgm
>> On Sat, 13 Feb 2021, Dave Thacker wrote:
>>> We are 17 days away from the next OLUG meeting and we do not have a
>>> speaker.   Please contact me if you would like to talk on March 2nd.
>>  This
>>> will be a virtually meeting.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Dave Thacker
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