[olug] Kernelcon

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 00:07:31 CDT 2020

Hey Guys,
Kernelcon https://www.kernelcon.org is this weekend.  Due to Coronavirus they are going all virtual.  So it'll all be online, should be a good event.
I'm speaking and as such have a couple of free registration codes to give away.  Let me know if anybody on the list would like one.  Caveats: I only have two and they are first come first served.  Not sure what the cut off date for registering, but the conference is this Friday/Saturday with training the two days before.
And if you're attending Kernelcon (virtually)  I'll be talking about the Cannon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) - Friday @ 12:30 a very cool little open source project.  I did a talk about CHDK at OLUG about 10 years ago or so, but this is a new talk and CHDK has done a lot of cool things in the interim :-)  Would appreciate a couple of friendly faces :-)
Aaron0-0-0"The Journey is the Reward" - Old Zen Buddhist Saying

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