[olug] March 2020 OLUG meeting is tomorrow night.

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 18:58:52 CST 2020

Apologies for not getting this out sooner.

The March 2020 OLUG meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd, 6:30pm at
the AIM Brain Exchange, 1902 Howard St.

Our presentation:  Chromebooks-Linux for everyone!
Presenters:  Matt Payne

AFAIK, we will not be streaming the meeting this month.

Parking Info -- http://www.olug.org/faqs/where-do-i-park-for-the-meeting/

We usually have a social hour after the meeting at *The Verdict Bar and

(It's Taco Tuesday!)

See you there!

Dave Thacker

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