[olug] Email Problem

Tom Robison irvnet.frankie at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 22:57:39 CST 2020

Hi, Need some help with an email problem. Set up Postfix and Dovecot with
Lets Encrypt certs on CentOS 8. I checked the SSL/TLS errors in
/var/log/maillog and got those cleared up. There are no error messages but
I cannot receive email. I can send to my gmail account but not receive. I
am checking things on the server and have not yet gotten to the point of
setting up a client on a node. I am using GoDaddy (yeah, I know) and the
DNS seems to be set up OK. What would one need to know to help me on this?

Irvin Robison
irvnet.frankie at gmail.com

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