[olug] Linux programming job in Lincoln

Ben Hollingsworth obiwan at jedi.com
Tue Oct 29 16:41:56 CDT 2019

SDS/2, my employer, is looking to hire six more programmers to augment 
our ~30-person development staff.  Our desktops and build environment 
all run on Debian Linux.  We basically write structural steel detailing 
software.  The Indeed listing for the jobs is here:


although it sounds pretty generic.  We use C++ and Python heavily 
(though not every programmers uses both), and our cross-platform GUI is 
written in Tcl/Tk.  Our software is technically cross-platform on Linux 
& Windows, although virtually all of our customers use Windows, and all 
of our programmers develop on Linux.

This is not a sysadmin job (you won't have root on your desktop), but 
someone with an aptitude for build environments could work their way 
into elevated access.

The job is on-site in our office in southwest Lincoln.  It's fairly easy 
access off I-80, and we already have two current employees that live in 
the Omaha metro.

We're really looking for experienced programmers, not fresh college 
grads with no experience.  A fresh college grad with lots of 
extra-curricular experience should still apply, though.

If you get an interview, be sure to mention my name.  There are finder's 
fees.  ;-)

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