[olug] Fwd: System Administrator Posting

Ben Hollingsworth obiwan at jedi.com
Wed Mar 6 10:58:37 CST 2019

After 24 years with the same sysadmin, my employer (SDS/2, formerly 
Design Data) in Lincoln is looking for a new Linux sysadmin.  There will 
be a posting on Indeed.com soon, I'm told, and I'll post the URL then, 
but I wanted to get the word out first.  Until then, interested parties 
should contact our HR directory, Natalie Campbell, at natalie at sds2.com.  
If you apply, be sure to mention my name so I get a bonus!

Our company writes structural steel engineering software.  30+ 
programmers use Linux workstations (currently Debian stretch) to write 
software which is cross compiled for both Linux and Windows customers.  
Managing the build environment for 3M+ lines of code is a large part of 
the job.  We have a different sysadmin to handle the Windows desktops 
for the non-programming staff.  Our office is in southwest Lincoln at 
14th & Old Cheney.  Pay seems to be pretty good by Lincoln standards.


*Job Description for System Administrator*

SDS/2 is seeking a System Administrator for our team of 60-65 employees 
in our Lincoln office. Established in 1981, we are firmly rooted in our 
industry and continue to maintain a strong vision for bringing new 
technology to our market.

Primary responsibilities will focus on:

·Network Administration

·System Security

·System Backups

·Building and Maintaining work stations for Development Team

·Linux System Administration

·Hardware Maintenance

*Skills & Experience Requirements for this position:*

·3+ years of experience in Systems Administration


*Additional skills which would be an advantage:*

·Experience with Windows System Administration a plus


*Natalie Campbell* | Human Resource Manager
(402)441-4000 x118 | (800)443-0782 x118

1501 Old Cheney Road | Lincoln, NE 68512




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