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> Well, this sucks ...again...
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> The Awkward Goodbye
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> *On August 7, 2019 Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were
> laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any
> capacity. The web site will continue to stay up for the next few weeks,
> hopefully longer for archival purposes if we can make it happen.*
> *–Linux Journal, LLC*
> *
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*
> *Final Letter from the Editor: The Awkward Goodbye*
> by Kyle Rankin
> Have you ever met up with a friend at a restaurant for dinner, then after
> dinner you both step out to the street and say a proper goodbye, only when
> you leave, you find out that you both are walking in the same direction? So
> now, you get to walk together awkwardly until the true point where you
> part, and then you have another, second goodbye, that's much more awkward.
> That's basically this post.
> So, it was almost two years ago that I first said goodbye to *Linux
> Journal*
> and the *Linux Journal* community in my post "So Long and Thanks for All
> the Bash <https://linuxjournal.cmail19.com/t/j-l-mhjkdyd-jrhdlhhdq-r/>".
> That post was a proper goodbye. For starters, it had a catchy title with a
> pun. The post itself had all the elements of a proper goodbye: part
> retrospective, part "Thank You" to the *Linux Journal* team and the
> community, and OK, yes, it was also part rant. I recommend you read (or
> re-read) that post, because it captures my feelings about losing *Linux
> Journal* way better than I can muster here on our awkward second goodbye.
> Of course, not long after I wrote that post, we found out that *Linux
> Journal* wasn't dead after all! We all actually had more time together and
> got to work fixing everything that had caused us to die in the first place.
> A lot of our analysis of what went wrong and what we
> intended to change was captured in my article "What *Linux Journal's*
> Resurrection Taught Me about the FOSS Community
> <https://linuxjournal.cmail19.com/t/j-l-mhjkdyd-jrhdlhhdq-y/>" that we
> posted in our 25th anniversary issue.
> So we set to work and things were starting to look very promising. One of
> the changes I was particularly excited about was our expanded Deep Dive
> section in each issue. This "long-form journalism" approach to technical
> writing was something pretty special in the technical world and coming from
> someone who wrote a few Deep Dives of his own, there was something very
> freeing in knowing you could truly give a topic justice without artificial
> constraints on page length. You, the readers, and also new writers
> responded, and you could feel the new life and new energy in each issue.
> After dying and being revived, it was finally starting to look like some
> day soon we would be able to walk on our own.
> Unfortunately, we didn't get healthy enough fast enough, and when we found
> out we needed to walk on our own strength, we simply couldn't. So here we
> are giving our second, much more awkward, goodbye. What happens now? We
> gave each other a proper hug during the first goodbye, do we hug again this
> time? Do we do the hand-shake-that-turns-into-a-single-arm-hug thing? Do we
> just sort of wave and smile?
> It wouldn't be right to say goodbye without acknowledging the wonderful
> *Linux
> Journal* community we have been blessed with who have stuck with us
> throughout the years and encouraged so much during our first goodbye. To
> quote from my own recounting of that time:
> Ultimately, we couldn't keep the lights on. *Linux Journal* announced that
> it was shutting down on December 1, 2017. I followed up that announcement
> with an emotional farewell of my own. If you read that farewell, you'll see
> that somewhere in the middle it changed from a memoir into a manifesto. My
> sadness at seeing something I had worked on for ten years going away was
> replaced by anger that the Linux community had seemed to lose its way. I
> lost my way. I took Linux and FOSS for granted. It became clearer than ever
> to me that while Linux and FOSS had won the battle over the tech giants a
> decade before, new ones had taken their place in the meantime, and we were
> letting them win. Although I had written and spoken about Linux and FOSS
> for years, and used it personally and professionally, I felt like I hadn't
> done enough to support this thing I cared about so much. The death of
> *Linux
> Journal* was a major factor in my decision to put my money where my mouth
> was, quit my job, and join Purism so I could work full-time helping to
> forward this cause.
> So yeah, I took the news pretty hard. We all took the news pretty hard, but
> where I had just lost a freelance writing gig, all of the core *Linux
> Journal* team had just lost their full-time jobs. It was a difficult time,
> yet we also were flooded with so much support from you, our readers. Some
> people contacted us just to tell us how much they loved the magazine and
> how sorry they were to see it go. Others offered to pay more for their
> subscriptions if that would somehow help. Others still contacted us to see
> if they could develop a fundraising program to keep the magazine alive. I
> can't stress how much this incredible outpouring of support helped all of
> us during this difficult time. Thank you.
> So yes, thank you for sticking by us. We truly did everything we could to
> make this a success, and I'm so sorry it didn't work out. On a personal
> note, thank you to the rest of the *Linux Journal* team. Not being able to
> work with all of you and chat with you is going
> to be the hardest part of all of this by far.
> If you want to keep in touch, you can find me at
> https://social.librem.one/@kyle on Mastodon and
> https://twitter.com/@kylerankin
> on Twitter.
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