[olug] Cheap storage and oops.

Reiners Cloud Consulting LLC justin at reiners.io
Wed Aug 7 16:20:22 CDT 2019

I didn't realize I sent stop a while ago, I've been sending random posts to
the the olug for about a month now without responses... haha I thought you
guys were mad at me. :P

Question for the masses. Where can I find cheap (used is ok) 4+ TB drives
for my ReadyNAS? I need at least 4-5 minimum of 4 TB.

Has anyone tried the Amazon refresh ones?


I'm getting rid of some hardware, R410, R510, and R710's, 1 of each,

Linksys Velop 3x router

Google Wifi (the big Asus one)

The R710 has 12TB disk RAID 10, and 128GB of RAM in it. I'd sell it whole
or part out any of them. It was my Plex server.

All of the units are 3.5 inch SAS/SATA.

Justin Reiners
Reiners Cloud Consulting LLC
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company might have.

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