[olug] Firewall appliances for small business (Might be OT sorry)

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Thu Apr 25 12:30:47 CDT 2019

I confess I've been thinking about good firewalls too.  Not that I have 
actual need for one at the moment, but I'd kind of like to know.

A Linux box configured for firewalling is a good and splendid thing 
because one can configure the living heck out of it.  But I'm concerned 
about performance.

One thing I wish our Cisco firewall did, that my various Linux boxes can 
do with ease, is define IP address ranges via ipset / iptables 
technology.  With Linux, you can go to ipdeny.com and get lists of IP 
blocks per country, and then block traffic to this destination or that 
based on country.  Like, while I see the need to allow mail delivery 
from overseas, I can't think of any good reasons to allow IMAP or POP3 
traffic with overseas locations. It's just an easy enough vulnerability 
to block.

> Our Barracuda firewalls are crashy and are getting a little long in the
> tooth, what is a good small business firewall appliance any of you would
> recommend?
> I really only need multiwan and site to site, and client to site VPN's.
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